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外联机构 (Outreach Organizations)

分支机构 (Outreach Organizations)

1. 女经纪人分会  Female Brokers Branch)

2. 森林食品经纪人分会  Forest Food Brokers Branch )

3. 大蒜经纪人分会   Garlic Brokers Branch)

4. 小杂粮经纪人分会  Minor Grain Brokers Branch)

5. 海洋食品经纪人分会  Marine Food Brokers Branch)

6. 金融服务工作委员会  Financial Service Committee)

7. 农特产品营销委员会  Agricultural Product Marketing Committee

8. 农产品追溯技术委员会  Farm Produce Tracking Technology Committee)

9. 酱香白酒产业委员会  (Maotai-flavor Liquor Industry Committee )

10. 国际贸易委员会  (International Trade Committee)

11. 中药材产业发展委员会  (Industrial Development Committee of TCM Materials)

12. 农产品生鲜业委员会  Fresh Farm Produce Committee)

13. 大健康委员会  (Great Health Committee)

14. 养生酒与酒文化专业委员会  ( Health Wine and Wine Culture Professional Committee)

15. 联农发超市配送专业委员会  (Joint Agricultural Development Supermarket Distribution Professional Committee)

16. 花果产业经纪人分会  (Flower and Fruit Industry Brokers Branch)

17. 数字农业委员会  (Digital Agriculture Commission)

18. 大宗商品交易委员会  (Commodity Trading Commission)

19. 畜禽产业经纪人分会  (Livestock and poultry brokers'branch)

20. 生态农业产业专业委员会  (Eco-Agricultural Industry Committee)

21. 互联网新零售经纪人分会  (Internet Retail Brokers Branch)