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Introduction to China Farm Produce Brokers Association


China Farm Produce Brokers Association (CFPBA) was founded on Nov. 30, 2007.

Led by All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, CFPBA is a nationwide trade association of farm produce jointly sponsored by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Central Committee of the Communist Young League and the All-China Women’s Federation, dedicated to solving the “difficulties in the sale and purchase of farm produce” and promoting the circulation modernization of farm produce. The members include individuals engaged in the circulation of farm produce in China, returned migrant workers, enterprises, professional cooperatives, societies, research institutions, education and training organizations, supply and marketing cooperatives as well as relevant experts and scholars.  For 10 years since foundation, the association has been consummating its system construction and have owned over 2,000 backbone members and established connection with over 3,000 farm produce brokers associations at different levels and millions of farm produce brokers across the country. Making use of its own resource advantages, the association has been positively promoting the connection between the production and marketing of farm produce and has held over 100 exhibitions and fairs, facilitated over 8,000 orders, achieved the trading volume of over RMB 50 billion and built over 20 famous brands of farm produce. It has played a positive role in activating the circulation of farm produce, increasing the farmers’ incomes and enhancing the efficiency of agricultural production, etc. In the face of new situation and new missions, the association has positively incorporated the strategy of rural vitalization to insist on reform and innovation and keep improving the service ability.

Looking into the future, the cause of farm produce brokers has a broad prospect and the association shoulders arduous tasks with a long way to go. With an open and sincere attitude, the association invites organizations and individuals engaged in the farm produce brokers industry to join us.  Meanwhile, we welcome all walks of life to support our work and make joint efforts to achieve healthy development of the team of farm produce brokers, the circulation of farm produce, the revitalization of rural economy, the “two century” goals, the reinforcement of the ecological civilization construction of and the socialist new rural construction with Chinese characteristics.